IN2000 Bosch EV14 Fuel Injector Set Honda OBD0 OBD1 B16 B18 D16 H22


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Flowrate at 43.5psi: 2400cc Gasoline, 2250cc N-Heptane

Quantity: Four (4)

Type: Bosch EV14

Length o-ring to o-ring: 60mm (with included adapters)

Inlet diameter: 11mm (small)

Connector: your choice of EV6 clips, wired USCAR to OBD0/OBD1 adapters, or wired USCAR to OBD2 adapters

Fits: Most 88-01 Honda/Acura B-D-F-H-series motors with 75mm length injectors. 88-00 Honda Civic, 88-01 Acura Integra, 88-01 Honda Prelude, 90-01 Honda Accord. Some Civic & Accord models with secondary air injection & shorter injectors (65mm length) will require longer fuel rail studs from the Dealership.

NOTE: Choose the SHORT options for H23A, F20B, and JDM F23A motors that use shorter AP1-style injectors (65mm length). The tall injectors will work if longer fuel rail studs & shims are used.


The IN2000 fuel injector creates a single wide spray cone of 20 degrees with a 4-port atomizer plate. This is excellent for cylinder heads with single or multiple intake valves in naturally asprirated and force inducted applications. All injector sets are balanced to +/- 1% at static flow rate and +/- 2% dynamic.

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