IN600 Bosch EV14 Fuel Injector Set Honda Acura K20 K24 Dodge SRT-4


Flowrate at 43.5psi: 600cc Gasoline, 550cc N-Heptane

Quantity: Four (4)

Type: Bosch EV14

Length o-ring to o-ring: 48mm (short)

Inlet diameter: 14mm (large)

Connector: your choice of EV6 clips, wireless USCAR to OBD2 adapters, or none (SRT-4)

Fits: All Honda/Acura K20/K24 motors and all Dodge SRT-4.


The IN600 fuel injector uses a 6-hole atomizer plate to create two spray cones spread apart at a 20 degree angle. Each cone is 17 degrees wide. Each injector will come with new inlet o-rings. NOTE: the atomizer plate is rotated 45 degrees, requiring the connector to be rotated 45 degrees towards the passenger side of the car. They will work in other positions, but not as efficiently.


Compare to RDX injectors: both have a split spray pattern, IN600's are 34% larger (550cc vs 410cc), IN600's are $10-50 cheaper with plug & play adapters (with our 20% off sale), IN600's are matched while RDX matching consists of pulling them out of a bulk container!

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