IN600 Bosch EV14 Fuel Injector Set Honda NSX C-series C30A C32B


Flowrate at 43.5psi: 700cc Gasoline, 630cc N-Heptane

Quantity: Six (6)

Type: Bosch EV14

Length o-ring to o-ring: 60mm (long)

Inlet diameter: 11mm (small)

Connector: your choice of unwired EV6 clips, wired EV6 clips (pigtails), wired OBD1 adapters, or wired USCAR to OBD2 adapters

Fits: Honda V6 C-series DOHC VTEC (NSX C30A C32B). 

The IN600 fuel injector uses a 16-hole atomizer plate to create two spray cones spread apart at a 20 degree angle. Each cone is 17 degrees wide. Each injector will come with new inlet o-rings. NOTE: For proper spray angling, set the connectors straight up or down (in-line with your valve stems). The cones will then spray 90 degrees on either side. They will work in other positions, but not as efficiently.

Note: the OEM fuel rails use 11mm injectors while some aftermarket intakes & individual throttle bodies use 14mm injectors.

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