Honda H22 DOHC VTEC cylinder head oil drain plugs for F22 and F23 block hybrids


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Quantity: Two (2)

Type: Billet Aluminum Plug

Warranty: 1 year replacement (excluding o-rings). One single replacement of o-ring set within the first year.


These billet plugs reduce the work required to put H22, F20B, and H23A (VTEC) cylinder heads on SOHC F22A, F22B, and F23A cylinder blocks. This engine combination is sometimes called a G22 or G23, also refereed to as a H22/F22 or H22/F23 hybrid. The trick is the how they use dual Buna-N o-rings to seal the holes, very similar to billet Honda B-series cam caps.

These plugs will make building this engine combination much easier than before. Your typical options are to weld the holes up solid, drill & tap for threaded plugs, or install freeze plugs. Welding the head requires a professional and milling the head afterwards. Threading the holes for plugs also requires a pro since they are such large plugs. Freeze plugs can end up leaking with the constant heat cycles. These plugs can be installed in seconds and removed just as fast. This is ideal when swapping the H22 head back onto a block that originally came with a DOHC VTEC head, or when you swap to a different cylinder head. They can also be serviced very easily, since they use standardized SAE o-rings available almost anywhere. The first model available uses dual Buna-N o-rings that are oil-safe, fuel-safe, and heat-tolerant. This rubber is every bit as good as OEM rubber seals used elsewhere in the H22 cylinder head. They are also a standard SAE size, so they are easy to replace.

Notes: It is up to your engine builder to determine what headgasket your combination requires, but most people use OEM Honda F23A head gaskets. It is highly recommended the cylinder head holes are chamfered before install & rubber-safe lubrication (fresh engine oil) used to prevent ripping the o-rings. Please contact us if your oil drain holes are greater than 18.3mm and 20.3mm or smaller than 17.75mm and 19.25mm.

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