Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Kit for Honda H-series DOHC VTEC Engine Blocks (H22A, H22A1, H22A4, H23A-vtec, F20B-vtec)


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Type: Aluminum Timing Belt Tensioner


Manual tensioner kits for Honda H-series DOHC VTEC engine blocks (H22A, H22A1, H22A4, H23A-vtec, F20B). We have been testing them for over a year and have passed their tests without any issues.

Our manual tensioner replace Honda's auto tensioner that is notorious for failing, even on stock engines. It can be used and installed with or without balance shaft parts in place. The tensioner is adjustable using standard 1/2" SAE wrenches and installs with a Metric 5mm allen wrench.

The tensioner block is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and includes 304 Stainless Metric & SAE hardware. The stainless tensioning bolt head is ground slightly convex to match the profile on the tensioner arm. This kit CAN be installed and adjusted with the engine in the car, but it is much easier to install outside of the car. Blue thread lock compound is recommended for the mounting bolts.


How to tension the belt: loosen the middle and lower tensioner arm bolts & re-tighten hand-tight, apply an upward force on the tensioner bearing with your thumb, turn the crankshaft at least 1/2 turn counterclockwise until the front belt section's slack is removed, then adjust the tensioner block's center bolt until the it touches the tensioner arm. Stock engine camshafts do not require any more tension while aftermarket camshafts may require 1-2 additional turns; excessive tension will lead to the belt walking off the bearing and cam journal wear. Once the belt is tight enough, lock the tensioner's jamb nut to 17 ft-lbs (use a 2nd wrench to hold the bolt), tighten to spec the tensioner arm bolt & nut and crank pulley bolt (refer to your service manual), then you are done.

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